Sunday Morning Breakfast


Did You Know that it’s been 25 years?

A bright idea came from Frazier UMC in Montgomery, AL back in the early 80’s after Pam and Mike attended a church growth seminar before ever moving to Douglas County.

One Sunday morning back in May of 1991, 6 people showed up to start a new ministry just like Frazier had started.  Mike & Pam Arther, Jane & Julian Carter, Troyce Hendricks and Lamar James showed up.  If you could get up and get dressed, we would feed you.  Pam, Mike & Jane prepped and served, Julian cooked sausage & eggs and eventually thought omelets would be a good idea.  Lamar made gravy and grits with 6 year old Bart Arther at his side every Sunday morning.  Troyce made biscuits from scratch.

One day, Lamar died suddenly. it broke Bart’s heart, and ours too.  Chuck Standridge volunteered to make our gravy.  And we cooked on.  Troyce left us & Hal Wentz thought he would volunteer to make biscuits.  Chuck left and Eddie Turpin took his place.  Eddie left and Joey Skinner came to the gravy pan.  From time to time, one of us would have to miss a Sunday and Jim and Kay McNeely and Barbara Skinner would come in to help.  By now, Bart was in high school and he would come in to help out in the gravy pan & grits pot when someone was missing.  Two years ago, Mike Hartsell & Dick Moss wanted to be a part of our team.  Jake Carter showed up to help while he was off work.

We solve a lot of problems and have a good time on Sunday mornings.  This May will be our 25th year.  Of course there were people that said it wouldn’t work.  No one would show up.  On our first Sunday, we had 12 people.  It won’t last long.  TWENTY-FIVE YEARS!!!!!  We’ve also been thru several preachers, Jim Moore, Bob Beckwith, Charlie Green, Larry Wilson, Rob Pierce and John Merk.

So, here’s to The Breakfast Club for a ministry that has lasted 25 years, and still going strong.

Jane & Julian Carter                                                             Chuck Standridge

Mike & Pam Arther                                                               Hal Wentz

Bart Arther                                                                             Eddie Turpin

Jake Carter                                                                              Joey & Barbara Skinner

Troyce Hendricks                                                                 Jim & Kay McNeely

Lamar James                                                                          Dick Moss

Mike Hartsell

If you’ve never had one of our breakfasts, you don’t know what you are missing.  We have Cracker Barrel and Waffle House beat, hands down.  We cook from September to May, 8:15 to 9:30.  We take off for holidays.

Y’all come join us!