Music and Worship Update: 11/15/13

by Cindy Spivey, Music Director

This Sunday, we will be singing When We All Get to Heaven, When the Roll is Called Up Yonder, Hymn of Promise and Give Thanks.  Glenn McElroy will be singing for us and the Chancel Choir will be singing A Story of Amazing Grace.  As you prepare for Sunday, read the text to this anthem.

There’s an echo in the mountains and the valleys as the people of the Lord lift up their praise.  Called from darkness into light to show His glory; it’s a story of amazing grace.

            Once my life was filled with pain and disillusion; with no purpose here I ran this earthly race.  Then my Lord bro’t peace and joy in my confusion thru the gift of His amazing grace.

            Once my life was marked by sin and worldly pleasure; now forgiven by the blood, there’s not a trace.  And the message I once shunned is now my treasure; It’s a story of amazing grace.

            Now I’m walking on the road that leads to Heaven, for the life that I once knew has been replaced, and the debt of sin I owed has been forgiven, Praise the Lord for His amazing grace!

Oh, how I love to tell the story, it’s precious to my soul, how Jesus came into my life, He cleansed and made me whole.  And one day I’ll see Him face to face, all because of His amazing grace.

I hope to see you Sunday as we worship together!