Lithia Springs UMC Worship Update for 6/22/14

by Cindy Spivey
Music Director

This Sunday, we will be singing Dwelling in Beulah Land, Spirit Song and Take the Name of Jesus with You.  The Chancel Choir will be singing Lay Your Troubles in the Lap of the Lord.  As you prepare for worship, read the text to this anthem.

 Troubles don’t worry me, I’ve found a friend who’s always there to listen to me.  Troubles don’t bother me, He’s there for me whenever I please.  All I need to do to tell my troubles to my friend is bow my head and pray.  So, put aside your worries and trust the Lord to help and you’ll find your troubles melting away. 

            Lay your troubles in the lap of the Lord, and He will see you through, lay your troubles in the lap of the Lord and they won’t be a worry to you.  When you trust the Lord to take care of all your burdens, you will find your life will be blessed.  So, put your troubles down, and pick up your new life, follow Him, He’ll show you what’s best.

            I hope to see you Sunday as we worship together!