What is Backpack Sunday?

What is Backpack Sunday?
Sunday, 11/17/13, is Backpack Sunday and items will be collected in the area behind the Sanctuary. The backpacks are destined for children from low-income families at Annette Wynn Elementary. But, what is the backpack program anyway?

Donations for the backpacks come from local churches, businesses and individuals who give goods and money. Children are chosen with the help of school counselors from students receiving free or reduced price lunches.

During the school year, each designated student gets a backpack full of food to take home on weekends. Last year, nearly 400 students were served by the program. The food packed in the bag includes non-perishable items such as breakfast cereal, peanut butter, jelly, crackers, fruit cups, canned spaghetti, noodles and snack items. The backpack program also sends holiday meal boxes to backpack families at Christmas and Easter.

The backpack program began when teachers and counselors realized that the school lunch was the last meal some children had for the day.

Thank you to Margaret Arnold, who coordinates this outreach effort, and to everyone who donates their time, money and treasures to help these kids.